39th William Jones Cup Team Standings


The R. William Jones Cup, also known as the Jones Cup, is an international basketball tournament held annually since 1977 in Taipei, Taiwan. It was named in honor of basketball promoter Renato William Jones, who was one of the founders of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Like the Olympics and the FIBA Basketball World Cup, it has both men’s and women’s versions.

Day 1:
Iraq def India, 86-68
South Korea def Chinese Taipei White, 87-84
Canada def Gilas Pilipinas, 90-77
Lithuania def Iran, 90-84
Chinese Taipei Blue def Japan, 86-65

Day 2:
South Korea def India, 92-67
Iraq def Japan, 79-70
Canada def Lithuania, 102-99
Iran def Chinese Taipei White, 77-59
Gilas Pilipinas def Chinese Taipei Blue, 88-72

Day 3:
Lithuania def Japan, 94-67
Canada def Iraq, 99-48
Gilas Pilipinas def Chinese Taipei White, 93-82
South Korea def Iran, 88-78
Chinese Taipei Blue def India, 101-80

Day 4:
Chinese Taipei White def Iraq, 87-79
Gilas Pilipinas def Japan, 100-85
Iran def India, 88-44
Lithuania def South Korea, 95-80
Chinese Taipei Blue def Canada, 89-86

Day 5:
Lithuania def India, 102-79
Japan def Chinese Taipei White, 91-86
Canada def Iran, 105-71
South Korea def Gilas Pilipinas, 83-72
Iraq def Chinese Taipei Blue, 80-76

Day 6:
Iran def Japan, 87-78
Canada def South Korea, 98-72
Chinese Taipei White def India, 117-87
Gilas Pilipinas def Iraq, 84-75
Lithuania def Chinese Taipei Blue, 85-65

Day 7:
Canada def India, 121-72
South Korea def Japan, 101-81
Lithuania def Gilas Pilipinas, 91-80
Iraq def Iran, 90-75
Chinese Taipei Blue def Chinese Taipei White, 87-83 (OT)

Day 8:
Canada def Japan, 108-60
Gilas Pilipinas def India, 101-70
Lithuania def Chinese Taipei White, 85-73
South Korea def Iraq, 93-77
Iran def Chinese Taipei Blue, 70-66

Day 9:
Lithuania def Iraq, 99-83
Canada def Chinese Taipei White, 117-83
Japan def India, 77-61
Gilas Pilipinas def Iran, 90-82
Chinese Taipei Blue def South Korea, 87-85