Alaska set to bring in new import as Ellis flies home due to family emergency

Alaska will be bringing in a new import just days away from its opening game in the Commissioner’s Cup after Octavius Ellis had to head home due to a family emergency.

Although the Aces have already secured a backup to replace Ellis, head coach Alex Compton said the real challenge is getting enough time for the new import to adjust right with three days away from Saturday’s game against the GlobalPort Batang Pier.

“Octavius had to take care of a family emergency and we don’t get in the way of family man so we respect him and wish the best for him,” Compton said.

“That’s just part of import conferences that you gotta get somebody else.”

“I’m working to get somebody here. It looks like we have a guy but I just don’t call somebody and say hop on a plane, be here tomorrow. It’s a little bit more extensive than that,” Compton added. –