Brgy. Ginebra coach Tim Cone says win against Star justifies decision to bring in Justin Brownlee

Looking to gain momentum, Brgy. Ginebra registered back-to-back wins to get it going in the Commissioner’s Cup.

And Sunday’s huge win over Manila Clasico rival Star and its slam dunking import Tony Mitchell has boosted Gin Kings’ confidence that they can compete this conference.

“It’s satisfying to beat a quality, elite team like Star has become. Even though we’re playing with a small import, it just sends a good message to us and to the players that it can be done,” said Brgy. Ginebra coach Tim Cone.

After cramping up in their series opener, the do-it-all import has been on a tear on both ends. He finished with 30 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 blocks against Star.

“Justin causes a lot of problems with people,” said Cone. “He can play in and out, handle the ball, make great passes, he’s a good defender. And he’s kind of playing the way we envisioned him to play when we brought him in.” – FOX Sports Asia