Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel


Tim Cone angry at himself, proud of team despite failing to advance to the conference Finals

San Miguel Beermen defeated Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel 4-1 in a best-of-seven series for the second consecutive season but Gin Kings head coach Tim...

San Miguel closes out Brgy. Ginebra in 5 games, advances to Philippine Cup Finals

The defending champions are back in familiar territory. For the 4th consecutive season, the San Miguel Beermen are in the championship round of the most...

Ramon Fernandez on Game 4 of Brgy. Ginebra vs San Miguel semis series: ‘It was a boring game’

Game 4 of the 2018 Philippine Cup semifinal series between Brgy. Ginebra and defending champion San Miguel was attended by two of the most...

Robert Jaworski on Brgy. Ginebra’s NSD battlecry: ‘Hindi sinasabi yun, ginagawa’

Former Brgy. Ginebra playing coach Robert Jaworski was among those in attendance for Game 4 of the semifinal series between the Gin Kings and...






#PlayerBirthdayHeightDraft Year
0TAHA, PaoloDec. 5, 19906 ft 2014 (No. 29, KIA)
2MANUEL, JettSep. 27, 19926 ft 2 in2017 (No. 12, Brgy. Ginebra)
3MERCADO, SolMay 6, 19846 ft 1 in 2008 (No. 5, Alaska)
4WILSON, JohnJan. 18, 19876 ft 2 in 2010 (No. 7, Brgy. Ginebra)
5TENORIO, LAJuly 9, 1984 5 ft 8 in2006 (No. 4, San Miguel)
6THOMPSON, ScottieJuly 12, 19936 ft 1 in2015 (No. 5, Brgy. Ginebra)
12CAPERAL, PrinceJune 12, 19936 ft 6 in2014 (No. 17, GlobalPort)
13CAGUIOA, MarkNov. 19, 1979 6 ft 1 in2001 (No. 3, Brgy. Ginebra)
14FERRER, KevinMar. 26, 19936 ft 4 in2016 (Gilas, Brgy. Ginebra)
18JAMITO, RaymonSep. 1, 19906 ft 5 in2016 (No. 15, Brgy. Ginebra)
20SLAUGHTER, GregMay 19, 19886 ft 11 in2013 (No. 1, Brgy. Ginebra)
23AGUILAR, RaymondJuly 27, 19856 ft 5 in2009 (Undrafted)
25AGUILAR, JapethJan. 25, 19876 ft 9 in2009 (No. 1, Burger King)
27CRUZ, JervySep. 9, 19866 ft 4 in2009 (No. 4, Rain or Shine)
31MARIANO, AljonAug. 3, 19926 ft 3 in2015 (No. 16, Brgy. Ginebra)


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