Denzel Bowles vows never to play again for Star, tells Jason Webb to #StayOnTV

Safe to say PBA fans have seen the last of Denzel Bowles in a Star Hotshots jersey.

In a Twitter post, Bowles outright said he will “never again” play for Star, which he led to the 2012 Commissioner’s Cup title back when it still carried the name B-Meg Llamados.

He also threw major shade at his former coach Jason Webb.

“Never again,” Bowles said in reply to a tweet asking if he still wants to play for the Hotshots.

Bowles answered another tweet from a Purefoods fan asking him to return to Star. That’s when the 27-year-old forward singled out Webb.

“Webb F**k That Up. #StayOnTv,” Bowles posted.

After his PBA debut in 2012, Bowles was tapped three more times by Purefoods with his last stint just last year in the Commissioner’s Cup when Webb was still at the helm. –