Dynasty Duel Question: Where is the foul on Roger Pogoy?

Game 4. Semis match between TNT KaTropa and San Miguel Beermen. 7 minutes left in the 4th Quarter. Beermen up by 9 but TNT on an 11-2 run.

San Miguel was on the offensive. Marcio Lassiter issued a pass to a waiting RR Garcia who pulled up for a corner three. Roger Pogoy came to defend but was too late to prevent the shot from happening. Garcia released the shot with Pogoy just beside him. The TNT rookie didn’t even bother to raise his hands.

Garcia missed the shot but the referee blew his whistle. Foul on Roger Pogoy!

It shouldn’t have been a hard decision to make for the game official, simply because there was no contact at all. Pogoy was in front of Garcia but he just stood his ground. To everybody’s surprise, he was assessed a foul.

The play happened in front of the San Miguel bench, and the call was crucial. TNT was in the process of a big rally, and momentum was definitely on their side. Until the questionable call came.

The referee who made the call was in the right location. He had a good view of the incident. But he blew his whistle after seeing nothing. The slightest of contact is not enough to merit a foul. Pogoy did nothing to physically force Garcia to miss the shot. But he was called for a foul.

The 2017 PBA Philippine Cup playoffs is already littered with countless of questionable calls and non-calls. And this one just adds to the list. Terrible, incompetent and inconsistent officiating at its finest. – Mae Villarin



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