Franz Pumaren on what triggered shouting match with Stanley Pringle: ‘He was being lazy’

GlobalPort coach Franz Pumaren almost came to blows with Stanley Pringle during a timeout in the 2nd Quarter of their game against Brgy. Ginebra but the affable mentor refused to put more color into it and simply brushed it aside.

“It’s no biggie. It’s normal for coaches during the heat of the game. You cannot mellow or what,” he said.

Pringle and Pumared had a heated exchange of words when the outspoken coach lashed out at the flashy playmaker during a timeout with 4:35 remaining in the 2nd quarter for his apparent lack of effort on the defensive end.

Watch: Stanley Pringle engages GlobalPort coach Franz Pumaren in a shouting match!

The 2014 Rookie of the Year tried to explain his side but emotions got the better of him, prompting him to throw his towel in the direction of Pumaren. Cooler heads prevailed and Pringle was forced to retreat to the deep end of the bench.

“He was being lazy,” Pumaren said when asked what triggered his outburst.

The rest of the team, led by team manager Bonnie Tan, tried to play the role of peacemakers and eventually succeeded as the two patched things up in full view of the crowd before things got underway in the 2nd half. – Mae Villarin