Kelly Williams hails ‘Angkas’ app as hero in TNT’s win over Blackwater

ByVictor Adea

Desperate times call for desperature measures.

That was Kelly Williams’ mentality as he braved riding the popular ‘Angkas’ motorcycle-ride application just to get in time on their game against Blackwater on Wednesday night.

Stuck in the hell-like traffic at C5 Road coming from Alabang, the 35-year old Williams heeded the call of his driver to get out of the car and instead checked the availability of the angkas app to help him arrive at the venue on time.

Just like a genie commanding his wish, the 2008 Most Valuable Player Williams right away got a motorcycle driver in one click and get at the Smart Aranetae Coliseum as quick as possible in just 40 minutes.

Though C5 was a usual avenue of traffic for riders, a fire frenzy which just erupted right on the time of Williams’ journey proved to be an unfortunate time for him.

With this, Williams arrived late for the first time in his 12-year career since being drafted in 2006 as the top overall pick.

Making up for lost time as he came at the venue midway through the first quarter, Williams provided the needed inside presence for TNT with six points, six rebounds and four blocks.

That proved to be enough as TNT improved to 2-2 slate after stopping the erstwhile streaking Elite with a 92-83 victory.

Dubbed as the “Machine Gun”, Williams didn’t imagine being a backseat on motorcycle in his life, but yet he braved all his fears for an even more meaningful passion which was to be on the side of his team always and forever.

After all, Angkas means something more than being a backseater on a motorcycle. Sometimes, it means more than that and beyond that two-wheeled cycle. It means everything especially when your passion, professionalism and love of the game is on the line.

Neither an insane traffic nor a fire could keep Williams out of the basketball game.

Let’s remember a disease didn’t stop him. What more a simplier problem?

You’re the Man, Kelly!

At the end of the day, Williams had fun and the thrills and all the excitement speeding through the Metro Manila road… And traffic.