Mikee Romero assures PBA fans: ‘Season 43 will open as scheduled on December 17’


PBA Media Bureau

Outgoing league chairman Mikee Romero of GlobalPort assured everyone that the 43rd PBA season will go on as planned.

“Rest assured, the 2018 PBA season will start at December 17,” he said in his speech in the 2017 PBA Press Corps Annual Awards Thursday at Gloria Maris Restaurant in Cubao.

The soft-spoken executive has allayed fears of a delay of the next season amid the current dispute between the Board of Governors.

“By next week, we will fix everything. This impasse will come to an end. I would confidently say that divisiveness, the impasse will finish next week. Whatever group you’re part of, this will all end,” he said.

The GlobalPort governor also guaranteed that the league is preparing for a booming season opener come two weeks time.

“By December 17, the PBA is preparing a big opening day. The PBA will be as scheduled and will be business as usual. We will fix this,” he said.