No fines for Alfrancis Chua, Nash Racela after Game 3 verbal altercation says Chito Narvasa

ByAllan Lim

PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa has made it clear that the two protagonists from Game 3’s dugout verbal tussle, Brgy. Ginebra Governor Alfrancis Chua and TNT head coach Nash Racela, will be spared from any penalties.

The altercation happened during the halftime break of the heated Game 3. Racela and Chua were already hot under the collar after the neophyte coach was called for a technical foul for too much complaining.

The two then hurled verbal invectives at each other as the two teams were making their way into their respective locker rooms.

Cooler heads led by Brgy. Ginebra coach Tim Cone and the Commissioner himself were eventually able to separate the two. Olsen Racela, Cone’s assistant and older brother of Nash, was already inside the locker but went out again after he found out that his younger brother was trading barbs with the SMC Sports Director.

Narvasa reminded the two teams that while there will be no fines for the Game 3 incident, the league will strictly implement the dugout procedures effective Game 4 of the series.

“For last night, no fines. But the team closest to the exit leaves the court first during halftime and after the game and has to enter their dugout immediately. The second team has to wait for our signal before they exit. No one should be in the common hallway when the second team exits and like the first team, it is required to immediately enter its dugout,” explained Narvasa.