Watch: Fight erupts between Nic Belasco and Shawn Taggart, Comm. Narvasa joins the commotion!

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A fight erupted just after the conclusion of the Rain or Shine vs Phoenix match which saw Fuel Masters assistant coach Nic Belasco and E-Painters import Shawn Taggart trade blows as personnel from both teams were exiting the court.

TV cameras caught the Rain or Shine import talking to the Phoenix assistant coach in close range before Belasco pushed Taggart’s face away. Taggart then retaliated by slapping Belasco.

The 2 players were then separated by cooler heads and venue security personnel.

Commissioner Chito Narvasa suddenly burst into the scene and initially pointed a finger towards Belasco who was still being pacified by former teammate Jay Washington.

Fines are expected to be slapped on both parties involved in the altercation.