Watch: Jammer Jamito’s Pambansang Eurostep dunk makes it to NBA program ‘The Starters’

Jammer Jamito’s hilarious side-step dunk during the Slam Dunk Competition of the 2017 PBA All-Star Week was recently featured on the NBA Program ‘The Starters’.

The Starters is a podcast, blog and television program that analyzes, and often satirizes, the National Basketball Association. The show is written and hosted by Canadians Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets, Australian Leigh Ellis and American Trey Kerby, and it is shot, edited, and produced by Canadians Jason Doyle and Matt Osten. Kerby is also the blog editor.

In their May 1 video, Jamito’s dunk was compared side-by-side with a previous dunk performed by one of the show’s host, Leigh Ellis, and Kerby then asks the viewers to vote on twitter which fake ‘jump-over-a-guy’ dunk was the better one.