WATCH: Which came first, the tap on the board or the bounce off it?

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The rule on goal-tending is that if the ball hits the board first before an interference – a tap on the board, ring or net – it’s automatically a goal-tending violation.

Now, there were still 50 seconds left on the game clock with Star down by just 1 against Manila Clasico rival Brgy. Ginebra so it’s safe to assume that this wasn’t a game-changing call or anything to that effect. But since the play was reviewed by the game officials, surely they saw something in the replays that would necessarily lead to the right call.

The final verdict was that it wasn’t a goal-tend, and Rafi Reavis will take two free throws instead of just a bonus off a foul by Joe Devance.

This is the type of incident that is just the same as asking somebody what team he/she is rooting for. Brgy. Ginebra fans will say that the tap on the board came first, while Star fans will say that the ball bounced off the board first.

Again, this is not a game-changing non-call but it’s still worthy of a discussion since the game officials chose not to classify it as a violation.

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