Zaza Pachulia’s close-out move on Kawhi Leonard: Purely accidental or downright dirty?

From pretty much the moment it happened, Zaza Pachulia’s close-out that led to Kawhi Leonard spraining his ankle after landing on the big man’s foot, has been the main topic of discussion in the basketball world. Both Leonard and Pachulia have said they don’t think it was a dirty play, while Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has strongly suggested the opposite.

While there are many people who agree with Popovich, and would likely believe Pachulia should face some sort of consequence for the play, it does not appear he’ll face any sort of punishment from the NBA.

The 33-year old Warriors center will be playing in Game 2 on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in Manila), while Leonard likely will not. Which — regardless of where you fall on the argument about whether or not the play was dirty — really doesn’t seem fair.