Chris Ross denies flopping allegations: “That’s not a flop when you have two busted lips”

San Miguel guard Chris Ross denied allegations that he’s been a constant ‘flopper’ in the ongoing championship series with the TNT KaTropa.

And the 34-year old Fil-Am says that he has the marks to prove it.

“That’s not a flop when you have two busted lips and you got headbutt in your head. There’s no flop there,” said Ross who has gotten the ire of fans due to excessive flopping in the Finals.

The two busted lips and the headbutt were all courtesy of TNT’s prolific reinforcement Terrence Jones who was involved in a physical altercation with Ross in each of the first 3 games in the title series which is now being led by the KaTropa, 2-1.

The headbutt incident cost Jones a fine of P20,000 after the league upgraded the initial call to FFP2 after review by the technical committee.

Not to be outdone, Ross claimed that TNT has its own share of actors with no less than the former NBA player leading the way.

“I guess they’re only looking at us. Dude is out there doing crazy stuffs. Dude is 260 pounds and falling all over the floor,” said Ross.

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