Chris Ross on Terrence Jones: “Mentally, he’s a baby”

Just like in the two previous games, Chris Ross and Terrence Jones had their intense moment in Game 3 with the TNT import getting called for a flagrant foul penalty one for headbutting the SMB veteran guard who, for his part, was assessed a technical foul for taunting.

The incident happened during the halfway mark of the opening period as the two were walking to the other side of the court after Jones was charged with a loose-ball foul for pushing off Ross during a rebound play.

WATCH: Terrence Jones headbutts Chris Ross!

Jones finished the game with his usual numbers of 37 points, 18 rebounds, 9 assists and 5 blocks while Ross was held to 5 points and 5 assists.

Ross didn’t take the latest episode lightly and had a mouthful to say on the former NBA player.

“A headbutt is a headbutt. It was above the head, and it was on purpose, and you only get an F1 for that? I don’t think that’s in the rule book, but I think he probably should’ve been ejected. Really thought it should’ve been a flagrant two,” said the 34-year old Fil-Am.

“He’s mentally a baby. Mentally, he’s a baby,” added Ross.

The Best Player of the 2017 Commissioner’s Cup also felt that game officials erred in charging him with a technical foul since he didn’t say anything offensive during the commotion.

“I got a tech for no reason. I didn’t turn or talk to him or anything. I was looking straight. They thought I said something. You can’t give a tech when you’re thinking something. That was the explanation to me.”

“So I got two busted lips and a little lump from a dude that’s mentally two years old,” closed Ross.

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