June Mar Fajardo says injury just a minor setback: “I’ll be right back”

June Mar Fajardo suffered a complete fracture of his right tibia and has been ruled out of the upcoming 2020 Philippine Cup and if worse comes to worst, the entire 45th season of the PBA.

The 30-year old San Miguel main man, however, refuses to give in to the depressing situation and is maintaining a positive frame of mind going into the long process of rehabilitation.

“I already know what giving up feels like but i want to see what happens if i don’t,” wrote the 6-foot-10 Cebuano on his Instagram account along with a photo of his heavily bandaged right leg.

“It’s just a minor setback! God has a better plan. I’ll be right back,” he added.

The 1st overall pick of the 2012 draft, who is a cinch to win his 6th straight Most Valuable Player citation when the league opens shop on March 1, expressed his gratitude to those who have been supporting him through the years.

“I have so many people to thank but I can’t name you all, I’ll include you in my prayers! I appreciate all your supports, love and prayers,” closed last season’s top rebounder.

Fellow players and coaches have sent their well-wishes to the fallen superstar.

“Minor setback! We got you, big dawg,” wrote teammate Chris Ross on his Twitter account.

“It’s devastating. I think we all agree that June Mar is one of the greatest guys there is,” said NorthPort’s Christian Standhardinger who used to be Fajardo’s chief reliever. “I know that June Mar’s gonna recover as quickly as possible, he’s a great guy, great work ethic. I wish him only the best.”

“We’re devastated. He’s a member of the Gilas family, maybe one of the most integral member of the family over the last couple of years,” said Gilas program director Tab Baldwin. “That injury is a tough injury, not easy to come back from so everybody has to be patient with his recovery.”

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