Parks blasts Abueva for cursing girlfriend, making obscene gestures

Blackwater lost its first game of the conference after winning the first three and rookie sensation Ray Parks naturally felt bad about it, but what made things worse for the son of legendary PBA import Bobby Parks is his girlfriend’s not-so-pleasant encounter with Calvin Abueva during the closing seconds of the game against Phoenix Pulse.

According to Parks, Abueva shouted profanities at his girlfriend while doing obscene gestures at the same time.

“Towards the end, nung lamang na sila. When he got fouled out, he even flicked her off. Called her, ‘what now, b*t*h?’ and then doing this on the bench (masturbating gesture). He even walked up to her and tried to do it again. He did it twice,” Parks said.

“I didn’t see it happen. I was told after the game. If I saw it happen, I’ll be honest with you, I would have got thrown out the game. For real. He’s lucky I didn’t see it,” added the 2nd overall pick in the most recent Rookie Draft.

While Parks is well aware of Abueva’s on-court antics, doing it outside is already way out of line.

“You don’t do that to any fan, let alone somebody that I care about. They stopped me from going into their locker room. You don’t do that, kababaeng tao noon. I understand he plays with antics and plays with people’s minds but why can’t he do that to me,” explained the three-time ABL Local MVP.

Parks now wants to bring up the issue with league commissioner Willie Marcial and is hoping for nothing less than an apology from Abueva.

“He has to straight up get fined and has to do an apology at least. If you have enough dignity in you to do that.”




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