‘People may look differently at it, but it’s a good deal’, says Terrafirma’s Bobby Rosales

Terrafirma’s decision to send main man CJ Perez to San Miguel in exchange for the Beermen’s first round pick in the upcoming rookie draft together with three reserves drew a howl of protest from league followers on social media.

Aside from the fact that fans and observers consider their latest transaction as terribly lopsided, this is also the second time that the Dyip agreed to give away the top overall pick to the league’s winningest franchise.

Team governor Bobby Rosales confirmed the move through a text message to ESPN5.com.

“Yes, we’ve already filed a proposal and this is just between our team and San Miguel,” wrote Rosales.

The trade is now subject for approval by the league’s trade committee which is composed of deputy commissioner Eric Castro, technical officials Joey Guanio, Roscelle Teotico, Mauro Bengua, and legal counsel Melvin Mendoza.

While most are hoping that the deal would either be disapproved or undergo major revisions, Rosales feels the opposite.

“Honestly I believe it’s a fair trade. That’s how I look at it. People may look differently at it. But it’s a good deal,” said Rosales.

“If you want to get someone of value, you have to be willing to give up someone also of value to consummate the trade. I don’t think it’s a one-sided trade. I hope they can also see now we have two first round picks.”

While letting go of Perez was a very difficult decision to make, Rosales believes that getting another first round pick in the largest-ever draft pool will negate the impact of his departure and put the team in a position to acquire more talent.

“The draft is very rich in talent so you have to look at where our position is,” explained Rosales. “We have the No. 1 pick but the next chance to take a pick in draft is at 25th which is in the third round. Second round pick we traded it in a previous deal. We believe in this coming draft, the second round pick is as equally important as first round because of the talent.”

“So when we were given the opportunity to get the first round pick of San Miguel, we thought we’ll be able to get another talent from the pool. Plus we will be getting some players from San Miguel which we believe we are looking for.”

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