Ray Parks’ girlfriend admits flashing dirty finger, plans legal action against Calvin Abueva

The girlfriend of Blackwater rookie Bobby Ray Parks Jr., Maika Rivera, took to social media to explain her side of the story with regards to the incident which transpired during the closing seconds of the game between the Elite and the debuting Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters.

Rivera got into a verbal altercation with, of all people, Calvin Abueva after the enigmatic Phoenix forward fouled out of the game with only 11 seconds left on the clock.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Parks lashed out at Abueva for calling Rivera a ‘bitch’ and then making a masturbating gesture.

Abueva, on the other hand, claimed that Rivera started it all by calling him a ‘monkey’ and then flashing the dirty finger.

In a lengthy image post of her Twitter account, Rivera denied calling him such names, citing the case of Parks who is similarly half-Filipino, half African-American.

“It would be disrespectful and discriminatory to call anyone that word,” wrote Rivera.

Rivera, together with her friends, then said “bye” to Abueva just as he was walking in front of them. “The Beast”, according to her, responded by calling her “bitch” twice while motioning for her to shut up. At this point, Rivera admitted to flashing the dirty finger in retaliation.

As he arrived at the team’s bench, Abueva then made a “masturbating” gesture while laughing along with some of his teammates.

As per Rivera, the act was caught on TV and is now available on YouTube.

In parting, she wrote the she will file a legal complaint with the PBA and hope that the league take action on the matter.

Below is a screenshot of Rivera’s full post.




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