Terrence Jones stays calm and poised amid San Miguel’s rugged defense

San Miguel threw every defensive tactic in its book against TNT’s prolific reinforcement Terrence Jones but had little effect, if any, at all as the former Houston Rockets forward still managed to scatter a game-high 41 points to go along with 12 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocks to power his team to a masterful Game 1 victory over the Beermen.

San Miguel coach Leo Austria started with Christian Standhardinger, tried Kelly Nabong, Arwind Santos and eventually Chris McCullough but Jones was still able to do damage on both sides of the floor which prevented the 2017 Commissioner’s Cup champs from establishing their own rhythm.

Chris Ross took unenviable task of guarding the explosive import in the 2nd half and made a bit of success but the advantage was already too large to overcome at that point.

“I was able to kinda slow him down a bit, but it was kinda too late,” admitted Ross.

Despite the hard fouls and the ultra-tight guarding he received from the opposing team, Jones was still a picture of composure right after the match.

“I’m used to it,” he said of SMB’s defensive tactics. “But you know, this is the championship, so I’m definitely emotional as well.”

“I love to play the game, I want to win, so I’m here to not let anybody punk me. But I’m definitely, you know, trying to stay calm and stay poised to make sure I stay in the game for my team,” added the 27-year old native of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Going into Game 2, Jones expects the same kind of tenacity on defense, and maybe a little bit more, but he is more than ready to take on the challenge anew.

“I mean, that’s pretty much the only thing that, you know, teams try to do to make me not be as aggressive on offense. So you know, it comes within the game, and I’m ready for it.”



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