Thirdy Ravena suspended for two games, fined ¥100K by San-En for damaging signboard

After San En’s heartbreaking loss to Toyama on Sunday, Thirdy Ravena unleashed his frustration on a signboard causing it to break.

Due to his action, Ravena was suspended by the B. League for two games and fined ¥100K (PHP 43,800) which means he won’t be available for NeoPhoenix’s match against Mikawa on December 4 and 5.

The Branislav Vićentić-mentored squad publicly apologized following the announcement of the punishments.

“We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to Toyama, the Grouses’ partner companies, and all concerned. We also apologize to the fans for making them feel uncomfortable,” said the Neophoenix’s statement.

In the final moments of the close contest, the Filipino import was given two free throws for the 2010 B.League champs to equalize the game. Ravena converted the first basket from the charity stripe.

Unfortunately, he missed the second shot which enabled the Grouses to snatch the victory away from the San-En, 90-89.

Not seen on camera, but the former Ateneo Blue Eagle star smashed a signboard after the game.

Ravena instantly regretted his act and offered an apology to the Grouses’ organization. General Manager Hideki Higashi also gave his apologies to the 2016 Eastern Conference champs.

“To the Neophoenix Boosters, sponsors, management, my teammates and coaches, especially the Toyama Grouses organization, sponsors, everyone involved, I deeply apologize that something like this happened,” said Ravena.“With the series of losses and personal bad games, I let my emotions get the best of me. And the chance of actually winning a game, but losing it because of me was just too much at that point, Again, I apologize to everyone.”

“As a GM, I would like to sincerely apologize not only to the fans and partners who love San-En Neo-Phoenix, but also to Toyama Grouses and all those who love B.LEAGUE,” Higashi stated. “We will inform the staff and players that it is an important role as a professional not to make fans and partners sad.”

“Lastly, I would like to ask Thirdy Ravena to look back on what a professional is, and to be a representative player of B.LEAGUE, and to instruct him to act with a firm mind on a regular basis,” he added.

San-En is currently ranked 9th in the West Division standings with 3 victories against 7 defeats. The team is currently on a 6-game tailspin.

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