Willie Marcial sees no need for ‘Coach’s Challenge’ in the PBA

Besides their glamouring stars and frenzy global fanbases, what do the NBA, NFL and MLB have in common?

You might be wondering but it is the presence of the coaching challenge.

All three major US-based sports association have this rule to further give coaches a voice and engagement while optimizing the overall replay process in a game.

However, the PBA does not see this rule being adopted by the league anytime soon.

No less than Commissioner Willie Marcial admitted that the inclusion of the Coach’s Challenge in the PBA is far from reality as of now due to numerous reasons days after the controversial officiating in Game Three of 2021 PBA Philippine Cup Finals between the Magnolia Hotshots and TNT Tropang Giga.

Marcial cited that the league already has a heavy load in reviewing the calls in-game and even during post-game that adopting the Coach’s Challenge is not unfeasible as of today.

“As of now wala pa yung challenge call. Ang dami ng review na ginagawa natin – sa fouls, three points, out of bounds, lahat yan tinitingnan natin. Nire-review natin,” the league commissioner said when asked about the issue.

One another reason, according to the 60-year-old Marcial, is that the league should consider laying a significant investment in equipments like camera, videos and others in order to implement the said rule.

“Kahit may challenge call ka kung hindi naman nakikita. Hindi nakikita sa camera namin or camera ng TV, paano mo macha-challenge yun,” said the commissioner.

The clamor by fans for the PBA to finally consider adopting the Coach’s challenge gained traction when questionable calls and non-calls were observed, most notably by the Tropang Giga team owner Manny V. Pangilinan.

MVP did not hide his disappointment in TNT’s loss to the Hotshots in Game 3 that prompted him to go to social media and announce that he has just witnessed the ‘worst officiating.’

Adding insult to injury is the controversial ‘phantom foul’ of TNT guard Brian Heruela on Hotshot’s stalwart Paul Lee that was called by the referee despite replays showing Heruela had no contact with Lee.

The referee has been recalled since the incident and eventually was pulled out to continue making the calls for the rest of the championship series.

Another is the play where Hotshots big man Jackson Corpuz was called for flagrant foul penalty 1 for what many believe is a ‘dirty play’ when he bumped Troy Rosario in mid-air. The foul was eventually upgraded to a flagrant foul penalty 2 which carries an automatic P20K fine.

That incident also sparked Tropang Giga center Poy Erram to express his disappointment towards a certain Magnolia player for ‘intentionally hurting them and went as far as spitting on him.’

But as per Marcial, league officials could not simply act on these allegations due to fact that the cameras of the television coverer of the PBA, TV5, wasn’t able to catch it in action.

The league commissioner bared that some coaches already brought up the idea of the Coach’s Challenge to him but he insists it’s not feasible at this point in time.

For some context, other sporting leagues in the country like the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) will implement ‘instant replay’ challenges in its games as early as the next season.

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@peepso_user_215(sniper )
maganda din meron nun kasi hindi naman lahat rine-review ng mga zebras. lalo na kapag crucial tapos medyo questionable yung calls nila.

hay ewan dito kay kume.
1 month ago
@peepso_user_127(Kram Aleta)
ayaw yan ni Long hair. mawawalan ng bisa ang Ref MAGIC
1 month ago
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