Yeng Guiao on Tab Baldwin’s comments against Filipino coaches: “Who is he to say that?”

NLEX Road Warriors head coach and former Gilas Pilipinas mentor Yeng Guiao won’t take Tab Baldwin’s comments against Filipino coaches sitting down.

The 61-year old Guiao, who was at the helm of the country’s national basketball team which finished dead last in the 2019 FIBA World Cup, blasted Baldwin for his statement that local basketball coaches are ‘tactically immature’.

The Gilas program director made the claim during a guesting gig in the pilot episode of Coaches Unfiltered.

“Who is he to say that? Does it mean that winning UAAP championships gives you the right to say that in public? Siguro kahit in private na lang, sabihin niya. Sino ba siya? Kahit na 10 beses ka manalo ng UAAP, sabihin ko wala ka pa rin karapatan sabihin ‘yan in public. Baka in private, pag-usapan natin, debatihin natin in private,” said Guiao.

“But here is a fellow who feels that he is so entitled and he is so superior that he can say such things, disparaging the FIBA, calling it a criminal, disparaging the PBA in saying that it is a flawed format, disparaging the local coaches saying that they are tactically immature, in one sitting. You must have been so full of yourself. You must have been so entitled and so superior that you can do all those things at the same time,” he added.

The former Pampanga congressman also felt that Baldwin should have aired his concerns through the proper channels if he really wants to contribute to the development of Philippine basketball.

“I feel that he has something to contribute which is what he was actually saying. Parang gusto niya maimprove lang ‘yung coaching dito. I feel that if he has something to contribute, then very easily, he could have used his platform to either go to the coaching association, go to the PBA, or to the SBP which has a coaching academy,” explained Guiao.

“There were a lot of avenues that he could make use of if he is sincere in imparting that knowledge or correcting the flaw. There were avenues other than disparaging the local coaching community in public. Kung gusto mong tumulong, merong paraan without disrespecting your hosts,” he added.

The volatile mentor disclosed that in all his years of coaching, this was the first time that someone disparaged local basketball coaches.

“I’ve been coaching in the PBA almost 30 years. I’ve never heard anyone directly describe or accuse the local community as tactically immature. It doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Maybe for him, it’s true. But again, you will certainly cause a lot of hurt kasi lahat kaming coaches may degree of yabang kami bilang coach. Bilib ka sa sarili mo, Bilib ka sa system mo, Bilib ka sa experience mo. But having said that, we do not stop trying to learn. We continuously look for innovations, for new styles, for upgrades in our craft. Ibig sabihin, it caused offense. He offended the feelings of the local coaching community.”

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