The 2019 Philippine Cup will be the first conference of the 2019 PBA season of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). The 44th PBA Philippine Cup will start on January 13, 2019. The tournament does not allow teams to hire foreign players or imports.

The following format will be observed for the duration of the conference:

Single-round robin eliminations; 11 games per team; Teams are then seeded by basis on win-loss records.

Top eight teams will advance to the quarterfinals. In case of tie, playoff games will be held only for the #8 seed.

QF1: #1 vs #8 (#1 twice-to-beat)
QF2: #2 vs #7 (#2 twice-to-beat)
QF3: #3 vs #6 (Best-of-3 series)
QF4: #4 vs #5 (Best-of-3 series)

Semifinals: (Best-of-7 series):
SF1: QF1 Winner vs. QF4 Winner
SF2: QF2 Winner vs. QF3 Winner

Finals: (Best-of-7 series)
F1: SF1 Winner vs SF2 Winner

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